BOJ Diamonds Is a Diamond Dealer based in South Africa with main trade in India, South Africa  & United States. Our Company Sells Polished Diamonds, Jewellery & Rough Diamonds worldwide . We Conduct business to business trade In Loose Polished Diamonds, Rough Uncut Diamonds & Bespoke Jewellery manufacturing, Within the diamond sector. We Conduct Sales Of Diamonds To Our Clients, Who are has follows 

All Diamonds Through Our Network over the size of 0.50 Better know as a half carat diamond. These diamond are GIA Certified After They Are Cut And Polished. We Have Operations In India, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom And Can Export To 40 Countries. The Diamonds We Trade In Can Be Used For Jewelry Purposes, Family Heritage Pieces , A Diamond Collection & Investment Diamond Purposes.


BOJ Diamonds Sells & Markets Rough & Polished Diamonds to jewelry manufacturing companies. The distribution of rough and polished diamonds from our company can be provided on an international scale.  Certain Jewelry Manufacturing businesses will have inhouse cutting and polishing factories. Which will provide the prospect to purchase rough diamonds towards production into polished diamonds stock needed for the jewelry manufacturing process within the company.

Other Jewelry manufacturing companies will concentrate in swift production of jewelry pieces may it be a single unique jewelry piece or bulk production jewelry pieces. These types of jewelry companies will purchase polished diamonds that have already gone through the diamond cutting and polishing phase.


BOJ Diamond’s provide two main services to diamond cutting & Polishing companies. These services are sales & sourcing of rough diamonds for their factory to produce polished diamonds & Sales of their looses polished diamonds to jewelry manufacturers or affluent clients for investment diamonds. 

BOJ Diamonds trades with diamond dealers all around the world. The main areas of trade among diamond dealers are as follows. 

  • Export loose Polished Diamonds From India & South Africa
  • Rough Diamond Sales To Rough Diamond Dealers
  • Melee Diamonds from India to South Africa, United States and other dealers world wide. 

BOJ Diamonds provide jewelers with loose polished diamonds of all sizes for  their investment clients. We also assist with the importing jewelry pieces from india for their stores. 

We Sell Investment Diamonds Directly to Affluent clients from the diamond center. We Also Build Custom Jewelry pieces on clients request. 

 Retail Diamond Buyers

Retail diamond Buyers are clients from the public sector. Who are looking into starting to invest in diamonds, create a diamond collections or build spoke jewelry pieces? BOJ Diamonds doe does not operate as a jewelry store but a bulk diamond dealer. However, we will assist retail clients with their individual needs for jewelry pieces & Diamonds


Bespoke Jewelry

We assist our client in the creation of unique jewelry pieces according to their needs. All Jewelry is made upon our client’s request. Jewelry pieces that we make maybe the latest trends in design, family signature piece and inheritance pieces.

Diamond Dealer Sales & Marketing

We Buy, Sell & Market Loose Polished Diamonds & Rough Diamonds Among Diamond Dealers in Belgium, India, Israel, South Africa, United Kingdom & United States.

We Have A Network Of Diamond Dealers Around The World That We Associated To, To fulfil our clients requirement’s .

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Diamonds For Sale 

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Diamond Trade Fund

We Give Investors The Opportunity to enjoy the returns in the value chain of the diamond trade. Capital from the fund will be used in the purchase and sale process of bulk diamond stock in rough and polished diamonds. Investor will enjoy yearly returns from both rough and polished diamond sales. Click here to learn more.

Invest In The Diamond Trade Business In All Divisions

Invest In The Rough Diamond Trade

Invest In The Polished Diamond Trade

Invest Rough Diamonds, Cutting & Polished

Loose Polished Diamond Sales

Our Company Sells & Markets Loose Polished Diamonds To Retail Clients, High Net-Worth Individuals & Bulk Orders, For Those Companies In Diamond Dealing, Jewelry Manufactures.

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Rough Diamond Sale & Sourcing

BOJ Diamonds Sells & Markets Rough Uncut Diamonds From South Africa To Rough Diamond Dealers, Diamond Cutting & Polishing Factories In India, Israel & South Africa.  We can assist companies with our rough diamond license and associate companies to purchase from the local tenders & auctions where diamond mines place their rough diamond stock to be bid on.

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Our Mission is to be a key service provider in the diamond supply chain. From the mine to Client. Providing the most exquisite diamond and jewelry pieces. For clients all around the world.

Who is BOJ Diamonds For ?

Affluent & Retail Clientele

If you are looking to buy loose polished diamonds for investment purposes, building a diamond collection or Building a Jewelry piece. We can help you. Click here to contact Us

Diamond Dealers & Traders

If your company are diamond dealers or diamond Factory, Looking  for rough and polished diamond stock. We Can Sell, Source Rough & Polished diamonds to you from South Africa and India. We also Source & Sell polished diamonds from diamond factories and dealers from India & South Africa to other diamond dealers & Jewelers worldwide.  

BOJ DIAMONDS operations

BOJ Diamonds India Operations

Rough & Polished Diamonds India

Rough Diamonds India

We Export Rough Uncut Diamonds To Rough Diamond Dealers And Diamond Factories In India, Belgium & Israel. We Also Help India Based Diamond Companies With Satellite Office In Africa In Sourcing Rough Diamonds For Their Own Export Back To India. Our Rough Diamonds Are Sourced From Creditable Sources. We  & Associates Have Rough Diamond License To Buy Rough Diamonds In South Africa & DRC Congo

Polished Diamonds India

We Purchase And Market Loose Polished Diamond Stock From Diamond Factories In India To 40 Countries Worldwide. Our Main Market For Loose Polished Diamonds Is United States, U.K & Dubai. Our Buyers For Loose Polished Diamonds Range From Jewelry Manufacturing Companies To Affluent Clientele


BOJ Diamonds South African Operations

Rough & Polished Diamonds South Africa

Rough Diamonds South Africa Operation

We Secure Rough Or Better-Known Uncut Diamonds From The Mines In South Africa Or From Site Holding Rough Diamond Dealers In South Africa. We Market, Sell & Export These Uncut Rough Diamonds To Diamond Factories In

  • India
  • Israel
  • Belgium
  • South Africa

Polished Diamonds South Africa Operation

We Sell & Market Loose Polished Diamonds To Local And International Jewelry Manufacturers & Polished Diamond Dealers From South Africa. The South African Diamond Stock Is Manufactured In South Africa From Uncut Diamonds Sourced Locally And Imported From India Diamond Factory.  We Concentrate Our Sales From 0.25 Carats to 5 Carats Diamond In The Local South African Market And Export Worldwide



BOJ Diamonds Imports certified & Un-certified polished Diamonds to Affluent clients, Diamond Dealers & Retail Clients in the United States. We specialize in Investment Diamond Import to the United States



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