Polished Diamonds

What Are Polished Diamonds?

Polished Diamonds are the final product of pure carbons compressed more than 150 kilometers below the earth’s surface. These rough diamonds are cut and polished by men into various shapes to bring out the diamonds brilliance and fire better known as its sparkle. These polished diamonds are used for fashion and investment purpose. Polished Diamonds are either set into a jewelry pieces or kept loose for investment purposes.


Our Company Trades In Loose Polished Diamonds. In Different Areas In The Value Chain. Our Core Focus Of Business With Loose Polished Diamonds Is Selling Bulk Diamond Stock From Diamond Cutting & Polishing Factories To

  • Jewelry Manufacturing Companies
  • Diamond Dealers Locally & Internationally
  • Jewelers Internationally
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Affluent Clients

Polished Diamonds

The Trade Of Polished Diamonds That We Are Involved In Are Manufactured From India & South Africa And Exported To The World. Our Core Export Of Loose Polished Diamonds Is To The United States, United Arab Emirates, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands & Cyprus To Name A Few.

Loose Polished Diamonds
Investing in loose polished diamonds

The Need Of Polished Diamonds:

  • Polished Diamonds Are Bought To Create Unique Jewelry Pieces. Many People Look To Design Their Own Jewelry And Take The Initiative Into Purchasing The Diamonds First.
  • Diamond Collecting – Many Diamonds Have Unique Characteristics Created Within Itself, Created Millions Of Years Ago From Within The Mantle Of The Earth. Many People Look to Collect These Type Of Diamonds. Which May or May-Not Increase In Value
  • Polished Diamonds Are Used To Create A Family Heritage Jewelry Pieces.
  • High Quality Polished Diamonds Are Used To Secure Family Or Individuals Wealth In US Dollars Currency & Help To Avoid Negative Local Currency Fluctuation. These Diamonds Are Normally Kept In Loose Form. Meaning Not Imbedded Into A Jewelry Piece. Investment Diamond’s Are Normally Kept For Minimum Period OF 5 Years
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