Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds

BOJ Diamonds Sources And Sells Rough Diamonds From South Africa. Our Company and Associate Companies Have Rough Diamond License To Buy From

  • Mines
  • Tenders
  • Auctions
  • Rough Diamond Dealers Who Have Sight Holding Permits

Rough Diamonds In South Africa Are Mined Locally And Imported From Various Southern African Countries Like Angola, DRC- Congo, Namibia, Botswana.

These Rough Diamonds Are Bought By Rough Diamond Dealers, Diamond Cutting & Polishing  Companies From India, Israel, Antwerp And Local South African Companies. If You Are Looking To Purchase Rough Diamonds From South Africa. Feel Free To Contact Us.

South Africa Has Various Types Of Rough Diamonds. In These Types, We Mean Colours

We Have From The Western Cape to Northern Cape The Famous Yellow Cape Diamonds With Its Intense Yellow Colour. That Places These Type Of Diamonds Under the Fancy Diamond Category .

South Africa Also Has Blue Diamonds From Pretoria, Gauteng Province. These Diamonds Are Extremely Rare To Find, Yet Not the Rarest, Pink Diamonds Can Also At Times Be Found In South Africa.

Never the Less We Must Not Forget About The Normal Colorless Diamond Found In Kimberley to the Northern Cape With Ample Supply.

Rough Diamond


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